Rescue & Adoption Information

We strongly recommend that you buy your Great Pyrenees from a registered breeder, such as the breeders who are listed on this website under "Breeder's Corner". These breeders do their very best to maintain high standards for health and temperament in their breeding stock. 

A good breeder will provide a healthy, well-socialized puppy, and try to ensure that buyers have proper facilities to care for a Pyrenees. All their dogs are purebreds registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. It is rare for a quality dog from a member of our club to be available through Rescue.


The majority of dogs we receive in Rescue are from unknown breeders. They may come from puppy mills or "backyard breeders" who produce unregistered dogs for quick cash. You can do your part to help by not purchasing dogs from pet stores or from people who claim to sell "purebred-no papers". Buying dogs from these sources just encourages them to produce more. What you save in the purchase price may be quickly spent as you treat the dog for health or temperament problems.

The dogs we have in rescue are dogs we want to give a second chance. They have been evaluated, treated for health problems, and spayed/neutered. If you want an older dog and are able to invest some time in giving this dog the care that it needs, you may get a very good dog. Donations toward the cost of veterinary expenses are appreciated.

For more information on Ontario and Quebec rescues, contact: 
Dr. Carol Graham, Acton, Ontario 
(519) 853-3005


For Pyr rescue inquiries elsewhere in Canada, contact: 
Sonia Christ, Winnipeg, Man. 
(204) 355-4267