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GPCC Versatility Program

The GPCC Versatility Program aims to educate the general public about this beautiful breed. We encourage owners to work with their Pyrs regardless of age, fitness levels, or physical and social limitations. By doing so, both owners and dogs can learn, evolve, and form a lifelong bond. Let’s honor those dogs and humans who take the time to appreciate and collaborate with each other.


Pyrs are agile, fast, intelligent, and incredibly versatile despite their large size. This all-encompassing term, ‘versatility,’ includes various activities such as obedience (obedience and rally), cart pulling (draft or sulky), agility (maneuvering over and around obstacles), therapy and service dog work, breed education events (ambassadors), and outdoor adventures like hiking, camping, and boating. It’s a fantastic way to build trust with your dog and have fun!


For complete information on the program, please download the GPCC Versatility Booklet or contact, and begin your journey!


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